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Welcome to ZIKO Home page!

From the very beginning our main goals - to make you world fresher and nicer, world where your forget all boring and unpleasant things. Using the fresheners of ZIKO you turn your home or car into a place filled with tender fragrance giving you pleasures and comfort.

ZIKO - fragrance of tenderness!

ZIKO Company is a Bulgarian producer of room and car air fresheners. Founded in 1995, currently the company is recognized as one of the leading procucers in the country.

Our products are known on the market with the trade marks ZIKO and AEROBION. They are popular with their high world level quality. We are constantly developing new products and extending their application in order to meet all market needs. The fragrances used are specially selected to meet any taste.

Another application of our products is in advertisements. We produce advertisement aromatizers - a dual effect message, advertisement and fragrance. This combination is already very popular and has proved its effect.
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