From the dawn of our existence, we have one purpose - to make your world more fresh and enjoyable. Using ZIKO air fresheners, you can easily turn your home or car into a place filled with gentle aroma, bringing pleasure and comfort.

 ZIKO company is a Bulgarian manufacturer of room and car air fresheners. Founded in 1995, we have been producing air fresheners for over 20 years that deliver comfort and freshness to your car, office or home.

Due to our long experience in this field, we fulfill your orders quickly and qualitatively. We are constantly developing new products and expanding their application in order to meet all market needs. The air fresheners we produce are distributed under the trademarks ZIKO and AEROBION. With special care we choose the scents so that we can offer you a wide range of different perfume compositions, so that we can satisfy your wishes. The other side of our production is the application in advertising.

We create advertising air fresheners - a message that has a dual effect, advertising and a pleasant aroma. This combination is already very popular and has proven its effect. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.